ssh1 public RSA key fingerprint 74:d3:6a:7e:6e:b0:d5:cc:f1:a3:57:c8:41:0c:55:fa
ssh2 public RSA key fingerprint ed:16:d8:9b:58:b0:3e:a7:26:77:1e:3e:41:49:58:e8
ssh2 public DSA key fingerprint 9a:a6:38:5d:9a:1e:fa:50:31:cc:09:82:dc:f2:4c:c3

ssh2 s92434883D key fingerprint 34:47:0f:e9:1a:c2:eb:56:eb:cc:58:59:3a:02:80:b6
ssh1 u35702421U key fingerprint 13:a6:49:e7:05:f1:42:ba:d1:01:33:b9:aa:31:0f:f2
ssh1 u6749078W  key fingerprint 9a:a6:49:9d:23:71:0a:b2:f9:90:9a:c1:c3:fe:43:82
DSA Key:
RSA Key:

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